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VIP Trophy Wife Coaching Experience!

Unlocking potential, embracing femininity, and mastering the art of refinement is a transformative journey. Introducing the Ultimate Trophy Wife Coaching Package – your guide to an empowered and elevated life.

What you will learn during these 6-Week Ascension Program:


Dive deep into your Trophy Wife Journey with six personalized 45-minute sessions. Evaluate where you are and uncover areas for improvement.

Image Consulting

Tailored to your unique aesthetic and body type, you will learn to showcase your best self,  and become empowered with confidence.

Strategic Courting

Navigate the courting phase effortlessly. Receive personalized planning and guidance on managing your dating roster.

Reinvention & Relationships

Learn the art of reinventing yourself and navigating personal relationships throughout your journey.
Credit card mockups
Credit card mockups

Date Night Mastery

Elevate your presence with expert advice on choosing outfits and looks for your dates. Make him say "WOW!"

Email Support

Stay connected for six weeks with exclusive email support from Isis, ensuring you have guidance every step of the way.

Femininity Coaching

Embrace your feminine power with specialized femininity coaching that brings out your true essence and inspires his masculine provider energy.

Hypergamous Dating Secrets

Unveil the strategies to attract successful provider men, and position yourself to be seen as a Wife, ensuring your dating experience aligns with your goals.

Level-Up Plan

Formulate and stick to a personalized level-up plan, unlocking your full potential.

Feminine Seduction

Master the art of feminine seduction, captivating his heart effortlessly.

Confidence Building

Elevate your self-esteem and radiate confidence. Become empowered with strategies to embrace your authenticity and captivate hearts.

Feminine Communication Training

Master the art of communication. Learn how to express yourself authentically, connect deeply with others, and create meaningful connections.
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Credit card mockups

Dating Profile Makeover

Your online presence matters. Receive personalized guidance on creating an irresistible dating profile that attracts the right kind of attention.

Strategic Dating Plan

Navigate the dating landscape with ease. Receive personalized plans and insights to make every Man see you as unforgettable!

Flirting and Body Language Mastery

Hone your flirting skills and understand the language of attraction. Project confidence through body language and leave a lasting impression.
Get the 1-on-1

Transform into the Ultimate Trophy Wife!

Are you ready to embark on this empowering journey? Elevate your life, attract success, and become the epitome of refinement. The Ultimate Trophy Wife Coaching Package is your key to unlocking a life of abundance.
*Note: Limited slots available. Secure your transformational journey today.*
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Credit card mockups
Get the 1-on-1

Hi, Trophy! 🏆

During my time navigating the world of successful provider men, many lessons were learned, and most often the hard way!
After finally securing the Husband, Family, and Lifestyle of my Dreams, I found that I was passionate in helping other women to achieve the same, the easier way!
I look forward to helping you bring forth all that God has for you, and all that he has called you to be with these lessons that you will carry with you over a lifetime.
See you soon Beautiful!
All my Love,
Isis 🕊